Instagram for Business

Social media is a powerful marketing tool. Across the board, the business owners that we work with all know it. While the need to maintain an engaging social media presence is universally acknowledged, the subtleties between different platforms can be elusive at times. Different 'it' apps seem to be released daily, which presents an ongoing challenge for content creators to keep up! While it's easy to get lost in the hype of the next big platform, there are a few social media giants that continually remain relevant: Facebook and Instagram. 

Around since 2004, Facebook is probably the most established social media stream utilized by businesses, however its sister app (they're both owned by Facebook), Instagram, has proven to be just as vital of a marketing tool. Driven by images and visual storytelling, Instagram has 300 million active monthly users to inspire! What makes Instagram a particularly interesting medium is that its meant to be simultaneously playful and polished.

Captions are often more relaxed and relatable on Instagram. It's a truly fantastic way for businesses to loosen up and soften their brand! At the same time, images posted on Instagram are highly curated. To make a real impact, your feed needs to be filled with quality photos, the best of the best, the most stunning representations of what you do. As a company that markets the transformation of people's homes for builders and remodelers, we are HUGE proponents of Instagram. It's an ideal place for our clients to have fun AND put their best face forward!

The movers and shakers behind Instagram know how potent their product is for brands too, over the past few months they've rolled out a version of the app that specifically caters to business profiles. Instagram for Business allows companies to add detailed contact info to their profiles, access user insights, and promote popular posts. It's another excellent way to seize and maximize your small businesses' online marketing efforts. We can't wait to utilize these new improvements to help our clients get noticed even more online!