Custom One Homes Rebrand

We can't believe it's already fall, the summer went by in a flash. Between warm weather fun and lots of exciting new client projects our summer was busy! One of the biggest collaborations we worked on this summer was a complete re-brand and new website launch for our fabulous client, Custom One Homes

Re-imagining a brand's story is a huge undertaking, but it's just the kind of challenge that our team thrives on! We love gathering inspiration, creating graphics, and crafting content that expresses the passion and values of our clients. And as far as clients go, Custom One is about as good as it gets - across the board, everyone on their team was a pleasure to work with! 

Beyond their elegant and intuitive new website, we also helped recalibrate Custom One's social media strategy for their Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest accounts. Our goal for every aspect of their online presence was to reflect the distinct taste and quality of Custom One's stunning homes. We're so proud of the finished project - a beautiful custom website for a company that makes beautiful custom homes!