Creating a 2017 Marketing Strategy

The beginning of a new year is an opportunity - it's a time for planning, goal-setting, and reflection. Many business owners revise their marketing strategy annually, which is a practice we strongly recommend! Marketing is a dynamic element of building a brand, it sets the tone and defines the conversation around your services.

As your business grows and expands, it's important to ensure your marketing strategy evolves with it! One of our favorite parts of our work is helping our clients refine their core message and purpose. Distilling the essence of your brand isn't easy, but it's vital. Knowing what matters helps you let go of what doesn't. 

If you're starting to re-think your current marketing efforts, here are a few pieces of our best advice, and remember, we're only a phone call or email away if you'd like to chat! 

Create a Series Instead of a Masterpiece. There's a reason why almost all great artists worked sequentially - it's easier! Creative ideas don't fall into your lap; they're flowers, not weeds. A series gives you room to grow; it helps you cultivate stronger ideas over time. 

Join the Conversation! The social media era is all about adding your voice to the conversation, right? Your brand should be doing that too! Participate, answer questions, share your story, provide insight into your field. Above all, though, remember to stay true to your unique voice, people can smell insincerity from a mile away.

Connect Through Generosity. We'll be writing more about this on our blog in the coming weeks, but to summarize, we believe this is the future of marketing. Giving back to your community is a game-changer. It establishes credibility and is infectious! People want to support companies that are about something bigger than just profits - generosity is the ultimate word-of-mouth marketing.