Growing Purpose of Social Media for Home Builders and Remodelers

Marketing can serve many different purposes but in the end, one thing matters most; brand awareness. Every piece of your marketing strategy should communicate your company's personality. Cultivating an online presence is standard practice now, which makes defining your niche a necessity.

Social media streams are where potential clients discover your brand. Beyond your website, your Facebook, Instagram, Houzz, and Pinterest profiles function as your virtual storefront. If you're not investing time, energy, and resources into making them shine, then we'd highly recommend reexamining your efforts.

Need a little direction to get the ball rolling? We'd suggest you get started by addressing the following areas! 

Invest Some Resources. Much like anything else related to marketing, spending a little money on brand awareness will serve you well. What might that mean? Hire a phenomenal photographer for a showroom session, outsource social media management to the pros, and set aside funds to regularly sponsor posts on targeted social media feeds.

Engage Through Trends. One no-brainer way to engage with a broad audience is through current trends. In our HGTV-loving culture, design is a point of connection for people - join the conversation! Try hopping in on a popular hashtag, posting a gallery of your best Pinterest-worthy pics, or sharing the trend your staff has been drooling over. 

Interact with Sincerity. When increasing brand awareness is your aim, meaningful customer interactions should be your priority. You only get one chance to make a first impression, be warm and authentic with each person that comments on your page. Let your loyal fans and newcomers know that you value and appreciate their interest and support!

Scratch Your Friends' Backs. As the adage says, a rising tide raises all ships. Explore cross-promotion ideas with your business partners and industry friends! Consumers value recommendations from company's that they trust. Use your brand's platform to foster goodwill! Reach out to businesses that you know and respect, and ask if they'd be interested in sharing some social media love and mutual blog promotion. (We're almost positve they'll say YES!)