10 Social Media Post Ideas for HOme Contractors


Some of us love it, while for others, it's the bane of our marketing life. We're talking about posting on social media. The majority of home builders and remodeling contractors know they need to be online, right? So what do we all do? We build websites and create Facebook pages and Instagram profiles, but then posting falls to the bottom of the to-do list. 

We sympathize with this situation! As marketing experts, we know it takes real effort to gather information, write captions, and post flawless social media posts. Establishing a regular posting rhythm can feel like a big enough hurdle to clear, let alone mixing-up your strategy.

However, design trends, follower preferences, and those pesky algorithms are always changing. Plus, your chances of standing out from the crowd and increasing engagement both rise when you experiment and try new things on social media. Need a few fun ideas to freshen up your social media posts? We've compiled ten of them for you below!

1. Video
Videos are the next big thing in social media, but they can be intimidating. Start small, the camera on a newer cell phone should be quality enough to record glimpses of everyday office life, your latest project demo, or an informal Q&A session. 

2. Q&As
These are all about engaging your audience, so ask them what they'd like to know! Once you've pulled together a few ideas, share your answers and impart your time-tested industry expertise. 

3. Mood Boards and Design Plans
Our culture is design obsessed, so share a peek behind the curtain of your process! Snap a few photos of a planning session or post images created with your design software; your followers would love to see both. 

4. Before and Afters
Everyone likes a powerful transformation story. Post before and after photos from some of your most jaw-dropping renovations - they're sure to get noticed!

5. Share Industry Articles
This idea should be used sparingly, however, if you come across an article that you think would benefit your clients, then share away.

6. Design Tips
Remodelers, builders, and designers are founts of knowledge, offer your wisdom to your followers. Give your advice on common design dilemmas, trends, and homeowner concerns. 

7. Collaborations
Share the love and sing the praises of your loyal industry collaborators. These posts are a win-win, both of you increase your exposure and foster goodwill in your industry. 

8. Client Meetings
With respect to your clients' privacy wishes, snap a few photos at one of your next planning meetings. Potential customers are always happy to get a behind the scenes look at your process! 

9. Team Favorites
Ask one of your team members to write something brief about their favorite trends, styles, or past client projects. People like seeing the human side of your business. 

10. Project #tbts
Post a throwback Thursday (or #tbt) photo of one of your top client projects or most popular images. Throwback posts are an ingenious way to recycle already successful content now and then. 

P.S. If you read through this entire list and still feel lost concerning your social media strategy, then give us a call. Planning and executing social media marketing is what we do best!