2019 Marketing Tips for Remodeling Contractors and Home Builders
2019 Home Builder and Remodeling Contractor Remodeling

Many remodeling and home building business owners revise their marketing strategy annually, which is a practice we strongly recommend!

Marketing is a dynamic element of building a brand, it sets the tone and defines the conversation around your services.

As your business grows and expands, it's important to ensure your marketing strategy evolves with it! One of our favorite parts of our work is helping our clients refine their core message and purpose.

Here are a few pieces of our best advice, and remember, we're only a phone call or email away if you'd like to chat! 

1.  Be Visually Appealing  — More than ever, 2019 is about looking good. To compete, your visual image needs to be strong and current.  Showcase only the best when it comes to photos, fonts, and graphics — offline and online.  And make sure they’re consistent across all marketing mediums. 

2.   Create a Strategy to Keep in Touch with Past Clients — Your previous clients are happy to refer you, but you need to be at the forefront of their mind.  When they see you put out consistently good work and showcase your competency through an organized brand, they’re even more likely to spread the word.

3.  Showcase Your Best Photos — Think quality over quantity.  Put your time and money into high-quality photos of the projects you want to get more of.  Then make good use of them, on your website, social media, and in print.

4.  Create a Social Media Plan — Evaluate how you need to adjust your social media for the year.  Choose only the social media platforms that make sense for you.  Plan engaging and shareable content.  Give clients a visually appealing experience.  And connect by being authentic and helpful.

5.  Ensure Your Website is Mobile and Tablet Friendly — If it isn’t, it’s time for a change.  There’s no doubt you’re missing out on potential clients. As you know, websites are one of the most important marketing and sales tools we have. You’ll want yours to be 100% functional and visually appealing.

6.  Schedule Photo Shoots - Showcasing your work is vital to gaining the new clients you want.  Commit to getting those photo shoots on the calendar, and then take time to plan out the shots you’ll need for your marketing in the coming months.  

7.  Be Involved with Your Community — Sponsor events, show up at sporting events, or raise money for a local cause.  Support your local community and they’ll want to support you.

8.  Leverage Your Events and Tours with Additional Marketing — Even the best-planned event won't be successful if not enough people know about it.  Make sure that if you put your time into an event you also promote it to its fullest.  

9.  Ensure a Positive Customer Experience — Evaluate the interaction your clients are having with you, whether it’s in-person, via email, or through your social media platforms.  Make sure they feel valued and are responded to quickly no matter the communication source.

10. Show Gratitude to Your Top Clients & Referral Sources — Gratitude shouldn’t be an after-thought, but it often is.  When people feel appreciated, they are more likely to talk about you.  Be genuine and thoughtful.  Take the time to plan out how you will show them that they matter. This is good for business and good for all of life!

11.  Create an Emotional Pull - The work you do affects people’s lives.  Remind them of that.  Don’t just talk about products, talk about people.  Tell stories.  Connect.  Make your business personable and real.

12.  Create a Series Instead of a Masterpiece - There's a reason why almost all great artists worked sequentially - it's easier! Creative ideas don't fall into your lap; they're flowers, not weeds. A series gives you room to grow; it helps you cultivate stronger ideas over time. 

13. Join the Conversation - The social media era is all about adding your voice to the conversation, right? Your brand should be doing that too! Participate, answer questions, share your story, provide insight into your field. Above all, though, remember to stay true to your unique voice, people can smell insincerity from a mile away.

14. Connect Through Generosity -We'll be writing more about this on our blog in the coming weeks, but to summarize, we believe this is the future of marketing. Giving back to your community is a game-changer. It establishes credibility and is infectious! People want to support companies that are about something bigger than just profits - generosity is the ultimate word-of-mouth marketing. 

If you’d like help creating a custom plan for your business, please reach out to us. It’s what we do day in and day out!

2019 Marketing Tips for Remodeling Contractors and Home Builders