Home builder Client CAMPAIGN SPOTLIGHT

Partnering with REFINED Custom Homes is always a distinct pleasure. The stunning homes that they bring to life are endlessly inspiring. Reimagining their marketing campaign each year is like returning to a great classic novel; there is always another theme, layer, or facet of the story to be discovered. Beautiful, lasting creative design like theirs is easy to promote, and not coincidentally, often leaves behind a trail of loyal admirers and satisfied clients. 

As a business the team at REFINED is deeply professional, they take their work seriously because they know that what they do is profoundly personal. Helping a family realize their vision of home, creating the place where values are shaped, traditions are passed on, and memories are made; no responsibility could be more significant. 

We wanted to create a campaign for REFINED that got at the real heart of what they do. They don't just build homes, they build room for relationships and connection. Using this theme, we designed print ads and a blog series around parts of family life that REFINED helps their clients make additional room for in their everyday lives. We touched on building room for more work breakssquirrel spyingsweet talkhugs at the door, and the great outdoors

The only downside of launching a campaign you're so proud of? Having to move on to the next one! We've loved getting to explore these ideas; it's been a complete joy to write and design about the tender moments that bring families together. Fortunately though, we're already working away on REFINED's 2017 marketing campaign, and it promises to be just as heartfelt, engaging, and visually rich. Curious what we have up our sleeves? Stay tuned - we can't wait to share it with you!