Facebook Backlash: What's Going On?

If you keep up with news at all, then you've probably been hearing a lot of noise about the controversy concerning Facebook.

If this sounds unfamiliar, then here's a quick summary of what's been going on: 

  • Facebook has come under fire for failing to protect user data
  • The company didn't disclose the Cambria Analytica data breach to users whose information was harvested without their consent
  • Lack of trust and privacy concerns have created a backlash and caused some users and prominent figures to abandon the platform (or at least threaten to)

So, what does all of this mean for you as a business owner using Facebook? Honestly, not much at this point. 

While the #DeleteFacebook movement is quite vocal, users are leaving the platform in dribbles more than droves so far. Sure, you may lose a few followers, but we doubt it will significantly change your reach. 

However, we do have one piece of marketing advice in regards to this Facebook dustup. We urge our clients to use this event a good reminder that you should never put all your marketing efforts on someone else's site. 

Don't build a house on someone else's land. 

Your brand's best content should live on your website, where you own it. We are big proponents of building up your archive, through your blog, gallery, and testimonials for example. 

Social media is the perfect place to share your message, but the articles, photos, and blogs you share should all trace back to your own site. That way, no platform can suddenly pull the rug (and your content!) out from under you when their popularity wanes.