Instagram for Home Builders and Remodelers: 3 Ways to Share Content

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If you own a business in the building, remodeling, or home design industries, we're willing to bet you're at least acquainted with the photo-sharing app, Instagram.

One of the most popular social media networks in the world, Instagram's user base skews young (half of them are between ages 18 and 29). The Facebook-owned app has a different appeal than its online sibling, Instagram is all about visual content and playful engagement. 

Originally, Instagram was strictly for sharing photos with captions. However, as the app has grown increasingly popular with brands and influencers alike, new features have been added. Read below for an overview of the three ways your business can share content on Instagram. 

Instagram Grid
The grid, or your feed, is what most people picture when they think of Instagram. This space is all about beautifully captured images. In other words, if the photo doesn't look good with a little editing, it probably shouldn't be here. Think of your grid as the place to show off your best work! 

instagram account we manage + clients we love

instagram account we manage + clients we love

How to Use the Grid:

  • Project Photos: your feed is the perfect spot to share all of your stunning completed projects - from full rooms to detail shots to exteriors, mix it up and create a compelling visual story

  • Team Features: the grid is a great opportunity to shine a spotlight on your team - post their advice, stories, or simply sing their praises!

  • Partner Collaborations: don't forget your design partners - regram their work (with permission and credit) or share your latest design collaborations

  • Lifestyle Images: if your brand reflects a specific lifestyle or community, this is the place to show it - make use of those curated stock photos and neighborhood shots!

Instagram Stories
Appearing at the top of your regular feed, Instagram Stories are a separate channel within the app for posting photos, videos, screenshots, clickable links, and live streams that disappear after 24 hours.

Now, you can additionally feature 5 stories in your profile as long as you choose. Since these stories won't disappear, it's best to save this area for your most polished, evergreen content. (Some examples could be popular projects, showroom tours, team intros, etc.) 

How to Use Stories:

  • Day in the life: give a brief office tour, share a design mood board, snap a photo of the weekly office team walk - keep these posts light and informal

  • Go Live: host Q&A's, go behind the scenes on your design process, (with permission!) share client reactions to big reveals or broadcast during demos

  • Announcements: seasonal events and sales aren't exactly evergreen content - they're much better suited to stories to draw special attention instead of crowding your feed

  • Post Links: stories are a great place to direct followers to your latest blogs or article features - Instagram limits profile links, it's easier to swipe up and read more in the stories feature

Instagram TV
Released in 2018, Instagram TV is the app's newest feature/offshoot. While we have yet to see how users fully react to this latest change, we do know IGTV's purpose. Devoted entirely to long-form (stories limits you to one-minute clips), vertical videos, IGTV is another exciting way to engage with your audience! 

How to Use Instagram TV:

  • Virtual Tours: show off your latest projects and best work with a guided virtual tour - with an hour limit you should have plenty of time!

  • Interviews: do you frequent local talk shows or participate in video interviews? Give your audience a glimpse through Instagram TV

  • Promos: whether its an ad or a giving campaign, any long-form videos are perfectly suited to your new video channel

Want Instagram Off of Your Plate?
Still perplexed by the complex web that is Instagram? Want help cleaning up your feed, posting regularly, or maximizing fun features? Get in touch with our team - we'll get you moving in the right Instagram direction!

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