Is Direct Mail Still Effective FOr Home Remodeling Contractors?

The marketing industry has changed drastically over the last decade. As websites, social media, and e-newsletters have risen in prominence, some vestiges of the marketing world have fallen by the wayside. 

However, there's one more old-school marketing stream that we're not so quick to abandon: direct mail. When done well, we believe direct mail campaigns are still a useful and valuable way to connect with past remodeling clients. Want to know why? Read on below!

It's Personal
To put it frankly, email and social media are both excellent tools, but they're not always very personal. Direct marketing goes right to their doorstep and into someone's hand. It's an individual experience; it shows that you cared about connecting with that one specific client. 

It Stands Out
Among the sea of Inbox junk mail and Facebook ads, a clean, well-crafted postcard stands out these days. Most of us don't even receive much direct mail anymore, so anything you send has a much greater chance of being noticed and remembered! 

It Diversifies
A smart aspect of an overall marketing plan is to keep in touch with past clients. That means reaching out through a variety of mediums and providing a call to action. Direct mail is another method for communicating with your audience and driving them to your website or to take other action. 

It's Targeted
Not all demographics use social media or still feel comfortable online. Direct mail is a reliable means of reaching those clients. Unlike a social media post that you hope people will see, direct mail goes precisely where it's intended. When paired together, both avenues will provide your business with a strong marketing reach. 

Are you ready to jumpstart your next direct mail campaign? Get in touch with us today - we'll help you figure out what will work for your business!