New Instagram Feature: Archiving

The remodeling, building, and interior design industries have all been migrating to Instagram over the past few years. Which couldn't make more sense; home improvement is incredibly photo-friendly! More often than not, your potential clients are scrolling their Instagram feed for design inspiration. Begging the question, does your profile feature only your best work?

We know, everyone has old projects that don't necessarily reflect current taste and trends. However, Instagram is probably not the best place to keep those images hanging around. As far as platforms go, brands that thrive on Instagram employ engaging, visually appealing, themed creative content. 

So, say you're taking stock of your business's Instagram feed and decide it's time to do some editing - do you have to delete all of your hard work? Nope! Instagram's developers rolled out a brilliant new feature over the summer that lets you archive any of your posts. 

To file away a post, all you have to do is tap the ellipsis button in the upper right corner of the image. Select archive at the top of the list and your post will disappear from your feed! If you change your mind later, you can access your archives on your profile and repost them (it's the button that looks like a little clock). 

We love how handy this tool is for managing your brand's identity. It's perfect for trying out a new look for your feed, removing posts you've outgrown, or hiding expired or irrelevant content like giveaways or promos. This feature is also perfect for rebranding; it enables you to make a fresh start and expirment! 

Have you tried the new Instagram archive tool yet? What do you think? We'd love to hear how you've been leveraging it to better your business!