New Service for Home Building and Remodeling Contractors: Video


We are excited to offer a new service to our clients, and the local building and remodeling community: VIDEO! 

We feel strongly that video is a great storytelling tool. Live video and short Instagram videos are great, but sometimes you need to tell a complete story. We are currently in the process of helping a few of our clients with various video projects: company stories, fundraising stories, community program overviews, and home tours.

If your company could benefit from visual storytelling let us know, we'd be happy to help! It's simpler and much more affordable than you think. Costs to make high quality videos have come down a lot in the last few years. 

Below is a video we recently made for a client of ours REFINED Custom Homes, along with their partner Southview Design. The video showcases the mission of their Trees from REFINED program.

We are so proud of this company and all they are doing to better their community.