Remodeler and Builder Business Tools: Houzz Rankings

Houzz has become an essential marketing channel for builders, remodelers, and designers. Alongside Pinterest, it's inspiration central! What makes Houzz victorious over Pinterest in some ways, though, is its exclusive focus on the home improvement industry. 

Houzz is the place where your ideal potential clients can gather ideas, learn about design, explore trends, hear expert advice, shop for products, and find local professionals. Besides your company's website, Houzz is the easiest method for people to see your work and communicate with you. 

Because we know Houzz is a huge part of so many of our clients' marketing strategy, we wanted to spotlight their latest algorithm update. Much like SEO goes with ensuring your website's exposure, learning how Houzz is ranking your business is vastly important! 

Houzz recently announced that their newest mechanism for ranking pros depends on one big factor - how responsive you are to project inquiries. What does this mean? Essentially, pending requests and slow responses matter a lot more now. 

We know best practices would already be to answer each inquiry in a timely fashion. That's just good business. However, if you let things slide consistently moving forward, it could hurt your overall directory rankings. 

This news begs the question, do you currently have a marketing plan in place for Houzz? Is someone on your team the point person for handling new messages, answering questions, and updating your content? If not, now might be an opportune time to set your strategy or pursue outside help.