Blog Post Ideas for the Building and Remodeling Industry

1. Share a project feature
2. Share a client story
3. Feature a product you use
4. Feature a professional partner
5. Share your most asked questions and answer them
6. Showcase your process
7. Discuss current events in your area
8. Show a home on a tour or in an event
9. Write about a charity or sponsorship event
10. Showcase a team member
11. Share company news
12. Write about what makes you special
13. Feature a neighborhood or development
14. Showcase new product colors and styles
15. Write a “favorites” or “best” of article
16. Comment on a popular post or news trending article
17. Share new trends you are seeing
18. Review a book, podcast, etc.
19. Compare two products
20. Post a video and create copy
21. Report on a recent educational event or conference you attended
22. Explain how you do something different
23. Show behind the scenes life
24. Talk about a mix up and how you made it right
25. Write a series
26. Make a prediction about the future
27. Showcase awards
28. Discuss associations you are member of and why
29. Share testimonials
30. Discuss your company “why” or “vision”
31. Share step-by-step “how to” instructions
32. Interview an industry professional you admire