Remodeling Contractor Marketing

Remodeling contractor marketing is something we understand and have been doing for years (since 2009 to be exact). We love all of the remodeling contractors we work with and would be honored to earn your business too. 

Since you are in the remodeling industry, we understand you are busy. Therefore, our goal is to help take the basic marketing elements off your plate and support you however we can. 

One thing we tell a lot of our remodeler clients – “If you are not keeping in touch with your past clients, someone else is.” It’s the reality of this industry. 

You spend months working with your clients, and they LOVE you and are thankful for all you’ve done for them. It’s plain wasteful to not keep in touch with these people who sing your praises.

If you are a remodeler who keeps in touch with your past clients - bravo!

If not? No judgement and no worries! We’ve got your back. Just ask for our help, and we will make you look good. 

We help remodelers like you create a polished brand, ensure basic marketing elements are taken care of, and decide what additional marketing elements you should pursue. 

Can you relate to the statements below? If so, let’s chat – we might be a good fit to work together.

  • You are a small remodeling contractor. You do great work, and your clients love you!
  • You are busy – always wearing many hats and running your business. Not to mention, juggling multiple projects and homeowner clients. Despite this, you know marketing is important to your growth and success.
  • The problem: you don’t have time to do your own marketing, or you lack the expertise to do it well.
  • You want someone you trust to handle your remodeling business’s marketing. You’d prefer a small company, not a large ad agency. You want your marketing to be affordable, yet, you expect high quality work. 
  • A basic and consistent plan is what you need to reach new home buyers and keep in touch with past clients, minus all the extra marketing bells and whistles people try to sell you. 
  • You want to work with someone to put this plan in place. But then step back while they consistently take care of it for you on a monthly basis, so you can focus on running your company. 
  • Oh, and it goes without saying, referrals and past clients are extremely important to you and your business. 

If this is you, we’ve got you covered! Send us an email or give us a call. A quick chat will help us determine if we are a good fit to work together.