12 Ways to Show Gratitude this Holiday Season | Remodeling and Home Building Contractors


The holiday season means a lot of different things to people. It's a time for reflection, making memories, traditions, gatherings, and giving. When you get down to it, the holidays are about connection. People want to feel known and appreciated, and nothing brings about those feelings more than the mix of a little holiday magic and sentimentality. 

This season of connection and goodwill is the perfect opportunity for small businesses to show gratitude to their clients. Thankfulness and holiday cheer is already on people's minds; you might as well join in on the fun! How you choose to show gratitude depends on your temperament, time, budget, number of clients, and the personalities of your customers. 

However, no matter what resources are at your disposal, even a little appreciation goes a long way! Need a few examples to get the gift ideas flowing? Read through our twelve favorite ways to show holiday gratitude below. 

  1. Stay connected and on their minds with a simple phone call or email.

  2. Send a thoughtful handwritten card.

  3. Give gifts; send a gift card for a new restaurant in the area or specialty food that you know they like (coffee, chocolate, wine).

  4. Dedicate a charitable donation in their name.

  5. Throw a fun client appreciation event at one of your home models (do this only if you and your clients socialize naturally - follow your instinct here, you'll know whether it's a good idea for you).

  6. Offer a special one-time thank you gift. For example, you touch-up paint in newly remodeled areas, install an organization feature, or free handyman hours.

  7. Donate to causes that are important to your clients, such as a charity they are involved in or a cause they champion.

  8. Volunteer at events put on by your clients or offer to be sponsors in some way.

  9. Send a surprise flower bouquet or holiday arrangement.

  10. Share a light-hearted thank you video on social media from your team.

  11. Provide complimentary holiday decorating services to VIP clients.

  12. Cheer on the local team at a sports game in a hosted box.