15 Simple Instagram Story Ideas | Home Builders and Remodeling Professionals

Instagram Stories for Home Builders and Remodelers

You are posting photos on Instagram on a consistent basis and engaging with your followers. Doing everything right to create a nice looking Instagram grid.

But what about that Instagram story feature at the top? You know you should probably be doing something with it…everyone else seems to be. But what? If you are a home builder or remodeling professional that just isn’t sure what to share on your Instagram stories, this list of ideas is for you!

We get it! Doing your job, posting regularly to social media, and more…it’s a lot!

If Instagram stories are something you are interested in, here are 15 posting ideas!

1. Promos or specials: showroom sales or special offers, any seasonal offering

 2. New posts on social media or the blog: a simple heads up when a new blog goes live

 3. Slice of life – a day in the office: a fun snapshot of a meeting, staff going for a coffee run, design mood boards or samples, new client projects, big office changes or events, photo shoots

 4. Meetings: ask clients for permission to share a bit of their project planning process/meetings

 5. Glimpses into the design process: mood boards, products, blueprints, peeks at common design software, etc.

 6. Community Events, partnerships, and sponsorships: local sporting events, high school games, or any seasonal community events you participate in

 7. Holidays and seasonal fun: staff holiday parties or any other big holiday-related events

 8. Tours: home models, neighborhoods, projects (in process or finished), remodels, the office, etc.

 9. Construction and demo day: videos or snapshots of the building process

 10. Design conferences or industry events: new products or trends that interest you, fun collaborations or photos with industry peers and friends

 11. Meet the team: introduce someone from the team and share a fun fact about them

 12. Design details from projects: piece of furniture, paint colors, finishes, architecture, hardware

 13. Special guests or collaborators: a new designer you're collaborating with, a sub-contractor spotlight, or a fun office visitor (kids or pets!)

 14. Q&A sessions: Put out a call for questions related to your industry from your followers and then answer a few via video or just text

15.  Organization tips or other home tips: helpful tips and strategies related to your industry area of expertise, design advice, approaches to trends, clever design solutions