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Online Marketing for Home Builders and Remodelers

I’m often asked by home builder and remodeling professionals “What should I be doing online to put myself out there and grow my client base?” This is a good question, and one of my favorites.

Here’s a simple 3-step plan you can use to reach more people, and ultimately grow your client base.

The plan is based on creating good quality content, and sharing that content in a variety of different ways, multiple times, across your marketing channels.

Sidenote: You MUST create high quality branded content, otherwise what you are putting out there might hurt your brand. Yes, something is better than nothing, but it should be personal and/or professional. Your messaging and type of content will depend on your marketing strategy and who you are trying to reach.

Now, let’s get started.

Blogging for Home Builders and Remodeling Companies

Step 1: Write a monthly blog post.

The first step is to write a monthly blog post. This will be the foundation to your content strategy. Include images, quotes, links back to previous blogs, or outside sources. Choose a great title to grab attention and enable people to find you by searching Google.

The blog post shows visitors that the lights are on at your business, provides education to interested clients, helps you be found in Google searches, and provides a foundation content element on your website.

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Social Media for Home Builders

Step 2: Share blog post content on social media.

The second step is to share elements of your blog post on social media. On some platforms, you might share a link back to the article, and on others, such as Instagram you might share one of the best blog images along with a piece of relevant information from the post.

You have this great pillar piece of content…your blog post. You can use photos or different pieces of information from it multiple times across a variety of mediums.

Be creative!

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Step 3: Share your blog post in an e-newsletter.

The third step is to include your blog post in a monthly e-newsletter, with the goal of driving traffic back to your website. You’ll want to include a little copy about the blog and a very nice image, enticing the reader to learn more by reading the entire blog post. This gets them to your website, where they can look at other pages and learn more about you.

Your e-newsletters should be a branded, usually similar to your website. We’ve found the best e-newsletters are image based, and have 3-5 areas of information. No long paragraphs of copy are liked or needed by the readers.

Last note: consistency is key. When following this 3 step process, choose how often you will perform each of the steps. Whether that’s monthly or quarterly, it’s important to be consistent.

That’s it! You can follow this simple 3-step process to get your name out there! Or if you prefer someone else to do it for you (and make you look good) contact us! This is what we do best!