LINKEDIN: 6 Tips for Enhancing Your Home Building Industry Profile


Today's marketing landscape is diverse and ever-expanding. We understand as a busy home building or remodeling professional in the industry keeping up can feel impossible!

Modern remodeling and home building business owners need to be jacks-of-all-trades and lifetime learners. (Or they need to hire someone to learn on their behalf!) 

It may be easy to get overwhelmed, but in reality, we've never had more marketing opportunities at our fingertips! Why wouldn't you use the ones at your disposal that make sense? 

One such fabulous free tool many of our home builder and remodeler clients aren't using to their advantages? LinkedIn. More than a hub for job-hunters, LinkedIn is a respected place for professionals to market their skills, describe their background, share their industry expertise, and most importantly connect with people. 

So, how do stay present and make your LinkedIn profile look polished? Read on for our six tips for enhancing your LinkedIn presence and forging new connections on the popular platform. 

1. Keep Info Current

The first (and hopefully easiest) step is to check that all of your contact information and credentials are correct and up-to-date. Your page isn't doing you any favors if it looks like you haven't touched it in a few years!

2. Use Professional Photos

Just like your website or any other social media, it's essential only to add quality, professional photos. Truly showcase your projects and craftsmanship by investing in phenomenal photography - it's worth it. 

3. Proof, Proof, Proof!

At best, errors make you look foolish. At worst they make you look negligent. If writing or proofreading isn't within your skill set, then recruit some extra help (hint: we do this!). Don't lose opportunities over something that's such a simple fix! 

4. Brand Your Profile

From your headshot to your header photo to your page URL, personalize your page to reflect your unique brand. Creating a cohesive story across all of your online outlets is not only expected, but it also makes your business look more established. 

5. Write a Stellar Summary

If this section of your profile isn't filled out, then it's time to get started! Your summary sits prominently at the top of your page; it's the perfect spot to give a taste of your personality. Think of it as a chance to make a memorable, fun, and informative first impression!

6. Join the Conversation

Last but certainly not least, LinkedIn's primary function is networking - you should be using the site to connect with new people! Join groups, respond to discussions, ask questions, share posts, and get involved. Be friendly, interested, respectful, and original, and you will do well. 

So, How Do I Initiate New Connections? 

Don't be shy! As we said above, LinkedIn is there to create connections. Operate out of this mindset and try to forge new friendships regularly. Our advice on reaching out to new people tactfully? Be professional, brief, personal, and a little complimentary. 

For example, you might write: 

"Hello, Bob!

I enjoyed your insightful comments on Suzy's recent post about hiring contractors. I always appreciate another business owner's perspective on how to find the right people. I would love to add you to my network and connect further.