How to Ask for Client Testimonials | Home Builder and Remodeling Contractors


Client Testimonials Matter to Small Businesses
Testimonials are the marketing lifeblood of small home building or remodeling business - they sustain our work. But, how many of us are sheepish about asking for them? 

You might feel uncomfortable, as if you're asking your clients for an awkward favor. Or perhaps you're lost on how to ask for a review tactfully.

Make Reviews a Part of Your Process
We find that it's helpful to approach collecting customer reviews as just another step in your home building or remodeling process.

After all, you want to hear your customers' feedback. It's how any small business owner knows what's working and what could use improvement. 

You probably have a standard project closing process, right?
(Ahem: if not, we can help you with that too!)

We suggest incorporating your testimonial "ask" into the wrap-up materials you're already giving out. It's a natural fit right alongside your follow-up, project-care, and referral information! 

Testimonial "Ask" Example
If you're still wondering, "Okay, but how do I ask for a review? What exact words should I use?" We've got you covered! 

Please, feel free to use or modify the example below: 

Dear Homeowner,

We consider it a privilege to have brought your plans to life. We love happy clients and the satisfaction of a job well done!

In the hopes of maintaining a superior customer experience, we are requesting your feedback. If you received exemplary service, we would appreciate you writing us a brief review. We also welcome any constructive suggestions to improve our process for future customers.

To leave a review, simply, click on this link: *insert Google, Houzz, or website review link*

Thank you for your time!

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