8 Blog Writing Ideas for Home Builder and Remodeling Contractors

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We spend a lot of time talking about why your home building or remodeling website should have a blog. Hopefully, by now most of you are well aware why it's such a good idea for your business. But, in case you missed our soapbox somehow - here's a quick list! 

Your home building or remodeling websites needs a blog because it cultivates:

  • Relevancy - A blog keeps your brand fresh and showcases your latest news and projects!

  • Credibility - Blogging will help your clients see you as a trusted leader in your industry.

  • Google - Google loves new content, meaning you'll show up more in online searches!

  • Longevity - You own your blog, unlike social media sites that could disappear tomorrow.

  • Education - Blogs are the easiest place to address your most common client questions.

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So let's say you already prioritize blogging; you've planned your yearly or monthly content and marketing strategy. Armed with your plan, you sit down to write a blog post... and you're fresh out of ideas. 

Is there anything more painful than writer's block? It's the WORST. Not only are you frustrated, but you're wasting precious time. If this plight sounds all too familiar, we want to help you out! We've compiled a list below of ideas to get you through your next blog writing wall. 

1. Read Something
It doesn't matter if it's a design magazine, business book, or industry periodical, just read something new! It will help jumpstart your tired brain and feed it fresh ideas. 

2. Browse Industry Sites
Are you a member of any organizations through your industry? If so, we can bet those groups run entire websites devoted to covering hot topics in your trade. Take a few moments to read up, participate, and learn from your peers. 

3. Scan Social Media
Do a general social media scan of your favorite apps. Ask yourself what you like or dislike and take a few notes about how you might join the conversation in interesting ways. 

4. Visit a Showroom
Another fantastic way to find inspiration is by visiting your favorite industry showroom. With permission, snap a few photos, ask questions about products and materials, and mention the things you're digging in a blog. 

5. Look At Old Projects
Really and truly stuck? Might we suggest browsing through your past work? People love throwback posts and photos (#tbt), they're playful and showcase your professional history. 

6. Research Trends
Another tried and true idea generator? Hop online and do a little trends research. The remodeling, building, and design industries are all about navigating trends - get in on the fun!

7. Sign Up For Industry E-Newsletters
Have ideas delivered to your inbox each month! Sign-up for a few industry-related e-newsletters to see the latest trends and topics that interest your audience. (Our suggestions: Houzz, This Old House, Dwell, and HGTV)

8. Get Personal
When all else fails, share something on the more personal side of your business. Introduce a long-time team member, share a job-site video, or post something silly like everyone's favorite office snack that day. There's plenty of room for light-hearted blogs now and then.

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