Home Builders and Remodeling Contractors. Don't Hide! 4 Simple Ways to Put a Face with Your Brand.

Put a face with your brand

Think for a moment about your favorite businesses and brands...

What came to mind? A website, logo, or storefront? Maybe, but we'd wager you thought of actual people.

You might have pictured the mechanic you faithfully trust to fix your car, the friendly waiter at your cherished local burger spot, or the woman who owns your hair salon and strives to give back to her community. 

Business trends change, but one thing remains eternal: customers remember good people.

Whether it's someone who provided outstanding service, had a memorable personality, made you laugh, or just set you at ease; good people leave a lasting impression. 

You could have the most informative, design-friendly, tech-filled website around. But you'll still be coming up short if there isn't a face to associate with your brand. People don't hire a lifeless logo - they want a human connection.

Are you hiding from your own website, marketing materials, or social media? 

You might feel safe, comfortably distanced from your brand, but it's not doing you any favors. In this day and age of increased tech and automation, the businesses that rise above the fray are the ones that intentionally get personal. 

So, how do you put yourself out there? Good question!

1. Create a killer "about" page. 
We've blogged about this already, but a great about page introduces who you are, what you do, and what your company is all about. Share your story, background, and even a little fun personal info. People want to hear it!

2. Engage on social media. 
Struggling with knowing how to start infusing your bussiness with personality? Try starting with social media. Facebook and Instagram are both about joining the conversation, connecting, and having fun. They're perfect places to test the waters and get to know your audience. 

3. Share business stories. 
Give your clients a peek behind the curtain with real stories. You could share past projects in postcard campaigns or on your blog, go live on Facebook with a home tour or office meeting, or host a Q&A on Instagram Stories. Experiment with a few methods and see what feels most natural.

4. Meet people in person!
Finally, don't forget to create opportunities for people to meet you face to face. Nothing rivals a real, genuine, in-person interaction! Whether it's through involvement in your community, hosting a home tour event, or participating in a home/trade show - give people a chance to shake your hand, ask questions, and get to know you. 

Bottom line: if you're comfortable and enjoying yourself, your followers will be too. 


Want a quick overview? Print and save the graphic below!

Marketing Image Infographic