Why Social Media Engagement Matters | Home Builders and Remodeling Contractors

Social Media for Home Builders and Remodeling Contractors

By now, most home builders and remodeling contractors know the importance of maintaining an active social media presence. Facebook, Instagram, Houzz, Pinterest, Twitter, and other social media platforms are valuable marketing tools for communicating with your client base.

Building Brand Awareness
In essence, the function of any social media feed is increasing awareness about your brand and services through engagement. So what do we mean by engagement? It looks different depending on the platform, but it's basically when people interact with your content. 

For example, an engaged audience will respond to things you post by liking them, commenting, and sharing or saving content that interests them. All of these actions are helpful for raising your businesses' traction online, and in turn, boosts your website's overall search engine rankings. 

Beyond being helpful for SEO purposes, social media engagement creates a conversation around your services. Potential clients can start to feel like they know your team, working style, craftsmanship, industry knowledge, and business values. 

Make A Plan
If this information has motivated you to invest in increasing the engagement on your social media profiles, our greatest encouragement is this: make a plan.

Ask yourself, how often am I planning on posting? What sort of things will I share? (It's helpful to brainstorm potential ideas and directions before beginning a new strategy.) Who will be responsible for posting? Will you need to outsource marketing help? (Hint: We provide all of these services!) 

You should also consider developing a few social media policies. For example, many of our clients have procedures for addressing a negative review online. Plans are also excellent for knowing how to handle incoming messages, project inquiries, and questions about past work.

A lot of our builders and remodelers receive a steady stream of questions about everything from paint colors to countertop brands on Houzz. Some generously answer and share their product information, while others prefer to keep those details confidential. There's no right or wrong approach; it's about what works for you and your business model. 

Have more burning social media questions or want advice on your current strategy? Get in touch with our team! We'd love to empower you with new ideas, help reexamine your efforts, or partner together, so social media management is off of your plate!