4 Ways to Get Your Home Buyer and Home Remodeling Customers to Notice You
Marketing for Home Builder and Remodeling Contractors

You Must Get Your Home Buyer and Home Remodeling Customer to Notice You. How?

In today’s world of non-stop media and constant advertising, knowing how to best get your consumers attention can be difficult.  It’s all-too-easy to want to dip our feet into every opportunity that comes our way, thinking that we must keep up with today’s busy world; that more is always better.

The reality is that people can only absorb a little bit at a time.  Simple, straightforward messages, done well and repeated often, are far more successful than boasting every aspect of a product or company or shouting from every hilltop.

So what do we suggest you do?

  • Choose your best tactics. Where are your target customers? What are they reading and hearing? What is doable for you and your marketing team?

  • Nail down limited avenues of communicating. There might be 25 ways to get your clients attention via social media, but that doesn’t mean that more is better. Read our social media overview here, and pick one or two that your clients will most identify with.

  • Do it consistently. Develop a message and incorporate it perpetually. Utilize your communication methods (be it Facebook or an e-newsletter) regularly, on a set schedule. Bonus: your clients will identify your consistency with being a reliable business as well.

  • Do it well. Sending out a message consistently is no good if that message represents you poorly. Your communication should not only be well-written and include professional, engaging photos, it should also be creative and attention getting when necessary. People are so over-stimulated with visuals, that they have come to expect only the best, and anything less will make them perceive you as less-than-best in your craft as well.

Getting your marketing right will not only help bring in new, well-qualified clientele to your business, it will also create customers that trust you and the quality of your work!


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