7 Tips to Create Buzz Around Home Building and Remodeling Home Tours

Why Participate in Home Building and Remodeling Home Tours?

For many of our clients, the winter months are a slightly slower season (well, sometimes). The pace of building and construction projects slows as the snow falls, which leaves more time for big picture business planning. 

Spring home tours are like the annual coming out party for the home building community. We all emerge from our collective hibernation to share our latest projects!

These home tours are enormous PR and marketing opportunities for our clients. Truly, is there any other time when you have so many potential clients coming to you (the best part!) to explore your work?  

So, how do you create a buzz around your home tour event and leverage your marketing efforts to make an impact? Good question! Read on below for our ideas for building excitement around your showcase or tour event. 

Showstopping Photos
People are inherently visual. Beautiful photos are compelling, they motivate us and make us want to see more. Your first step in promoting any new build or remodel is to hire a professional to take jaw-dropping, high-quality photos. 

Social Media Sneak Peek
Once you've acquired those fabulous photos, it's time to put them to use! Start building a groundswell of interest in your model by sharing curated sneak peeks on social media. Start slowly, only sharing specific design highlights, small areas, and glimpses of your work. 

Collaborate with Industry Friends
Another smart way to create buzz and kill two birds with one stone is by partnering on promotion with an industry friend. This way, you share in the cost of expensive adds, and you share exposure with a new market of untapped customers. 

Share with Your Local Association
If you're a part of a local builder or remodeler association, then reach out to their marketing team. Many of these groups spotlight the work of their members, don't miss out on this easy publicity just because you didn't ask. 

Send Out Mailings (Virtual and Paper)
Most of our clients send out a monthly e-newsletter, these are ideal for getting the word out about company events. Don't be shy about it either, give people early notice and reminders about your open house events. A postcard mailing is another excellent way to reach your audience, especially those who aren't as dialed into email or social media. 

Host a Special Event
Stand out from the crowd, instead of merely hosting an open house, make touring your model an event to look forward to! For example, you might put on a VIP sneak peek for your loyal clients with appetizers, wine, guided-tours, and a few free giveaways. 

Blog About It
Finally, blog about your event before and after it occurs. Anything you do is an opportunity to generate content. Your blog should be the place to show off your work, share company news, impart industry knowledge, and recap any events you participate in. Use your blog for all it's worth!