7 Tips for a Standout "About" Page | Home Building and Remodeling Contractor

About Page Tips for Home Builders and Remodeling Contractors

Do you know which page of your company's website is the most frequently visited? (Hint - it's this blog's title.) It's the "About" page!

So much of business takes place online now. From searching for services to initial communication, we bet the majority of your clients find you first on the web or social media. 

This begs the question, does your "About" page make you look good? Is the content compelling? Are you maximizing this precious online real-estate for all its worth?

We sympathize with those of you who struggle with creating a standout "About" page. After all, it's not easy to write about yourself!

If you need help discerning what's essential to a killer "About" page, you're in luck! We've created a guideline below of seven crucial elements.

Speaks to Your Audience
Before you delve into your bio or services, your "About" page should address the needs of whoever's visiting it. Imagine your target market or ideal client, and write what would make them feel welcomed and understood. 

States Services Clearly
Next, any page that's going to introduce who you are to potential customers should clearly state what you do. Try to summarize your core services and skills with clarity. Go into greater detail on your actual services pages; this space is about the big picture. Keep it simple; no one likes feeling overwhelmed right off the bat.

Biography and Story
It should go without saying, but your "About" page should include the story of your company, professional background, and personal biography. Have fun with the format. You might create a timeline of significant business events or share a few fun facts about your hobbies and family. 

Shows Some Personality
Don't forget; your potential clients want to get a sense of who you are. Never hesitate to show a little personality! Be informal or conversational or silly or sincere - whatever reflects your style. Personality types matter a lot in the remodeling industry, help people picture what your partnership would look like and who they'd be letting into their home. 

Establishes Credibility
Your "About" page is basically a digital first-impression, don't shy away from bragging a little bit. Share your distinguished awards or glowing client testimonials. Remember, this isn't about puffing your chest or showing off; it's stating the facts of your professional reputation. 

Has Visual Appeal
Pictures speak volumes. You need to include photos of your best projects and team on your "About" page. Folks want to see who you are and what you're capable of; do not neglect the opportunity to capture interest visually. 

Provides Contact Info
Lastly, make taking further action effortless by providing contact info on your "About" page. This is probably the easiest item on our list, but you'd be surprised by how many people leave it out. Remove any potential confusion or barriors to contact - get that info posted! 

Ready to overhaul your site but suffer from serious writer's block? Get in touch with our team anytime! We'll handle the storytelling; you focus on serving your clients.