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Home Builder and Remodeling Contractor Story Writing

Home Builder and Remodeling Contractor Story Writing

Why share client stories

A modern marketing plan should involve a variety of ways to connect with your clients. However, there are still strategies we recommend to all of our clients across the board.

One such must-do? Creating engaging client stories. What do we mean by client stories? Simply put, you need to share glimpses into your remodeling or design process! Stories drive us; whether we realize it or not, they factor into almost all of our decisions.

Think about it like this; a new client is more likely to consider working with you if they can imagine it. Sharing stories, highlights, photos, and feedback from real projects establishes your credibility and humanizes your business. 

Places to share client stories

Want to maximize the exposure of the client stories you create? (We all want to optimize our business efforts and investments, right?) Your goal should be to create one great piece of content and share in all the places where it makes sense. 

- Write a blog with photos or video. Having this archive of past work on your website helps with search engine rankings. It also shows site visitors that you keep current with your marketing.

- Share the blog on your social media feeds. You can do this by posting photos or videos along with the blog link. The clickable link will encourage the viewer to visit your website to read more. 

- Share in an e-newsletter; this virtual reminder will drive additional traffic to your site.

Checklist: How to write them

Want to start sharing more client stories on your blog, social media feeds, or e-newsletter? Here's a handy list of what to include!

1. Give Background Info
Begin by giving an overview any essential project details. While respecting client privacy as necessary; explain what motivated the remodel, how they found you, the year of their home, and their primary project goals. Also, share before-photos if you have them, who doesn't love a good transformation? 

2. Share What You Did
This is pretty self-explanatory, right? Once you've given the scenario, the next step is to document what happened! Describe any challenges or unique problems that you solved. You can approach this part like a play-by-play or highlight reel of what you accomplished on this project. Provide lots of details about materials, finishes, and anything else potential clients might find useful!

3. Feedback and Photos
After you've peeled back the curtain on your remodeling process, share all of your beautiful, professional finished project photos. (Yes, they should be taken by a professional photographer. Quality photos are the BIGGEST way to show off your work, they matter.) Offer any memorable on-site stories, and don't be too modest to include any glowing client feedback. 

4. Call to Action
Lastly, don't forget to leave people with a clear call to action. More often than not, if you're a remodeler your call to action will be encouraging readers to seek out your services. Additional options could be referencing your social media profiles, Houzz page, Pinterest or other places to find you online. You might also invite people to visit you at any upcoming industry events you're appearing at or hosting. 


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