Video: Top Questions Asked By Home Builders and Remodeling Contractors

video marketing for home builders

Do you have questions about video? Are you thinking about adding it to your marketing strategy, but aren’t sure where to start, what to capture on camera, or the cost?

You’re not alone. We’ve been getting a lot of questions lately about video from our current clients. We’ve also incorporated video into a few of our clients’ marketing strategy this year.

Why is video important? If done well, it can enhance your brand, help you stand out from the crowd, make you show up more in google searches, and help potential clients like and trust you before ever meeting you in-person.

I recently met with a potential new client. Ahead of our meeting, I visited their website and watched a short video they had created. I was SOLD! I loved the owners of this company and knew we’d be a fit before ever meeting them. The power of video is real! (and PS we were a good fit!)

If you are looking for a simple video strategy you can DIY - Facebook Live and Instagram Stories are the way to go. These are short documentary videos done on the fly. If you know what you are doing, these can also help you reach your audience.

However, the type of video we are discussing today are high quality, branded videos that tell a story, usually done by a professional. These are videos that will have a long shelf life and live on your website.

Now, onto the most common questions we get asked!

What Type of Video Should I Create? Here are some ideas:

  1. The story of your company

  2. Client stories

  3. Home or neighborhood stories

  4. A series on a specific topic

  5. A behind the scenes

  6. Highlight an event

Why Should I Include Video in My Marketing Plan? Here are some reasons:

  1. Video lets your viewers get to know you before ever meeting you in person

  2. Well done videos create an emotional pull

  3. High quality videos set you apart and elevate your brand

  4. Google likes video! Being found in a search is a good thing!

What is the Cost To Create a Professional Video? Here’s our experience:

The cost can vary depending on your goals, length of video, locations, and the type of video professional you use. The best thing to do is find a video professional you like and have them give you an estimate. You can either choose to work with a production company or a freelancer.

*For quick reference our client video examples range from approximately $500 - $1,500. They are shot and edited by a very talented freelance filmmaker we partner with. I share this so that you know video isn’t as expensive as you might think.

How Do I Create High Quality On-Brand Videos? Here are some tips:

  1. Hire a professional

  2. Create an outline of your goals and story

  3. Be natural, don’t memorize lines

  4. Have fun! Let your personality shine. And if you hate being on camera; just get through the day! The film professional will make you look good.

How Do I Leverage the Video I Created?

  1. Create a branded YouTube channel

  2. Add your video to your YouTube channel and also your website’s video gallery

  3. Write a blog about your video

  4. Share your video on social media

  5. Include your video in your e-newsletter

  6. Last, share again! A month or two later, share the video again on social media. Some people might have missed it the first time.

So, while incorporating video into your marketing plan can seem intimidating, it doesn’t have to be! Having a clear vision of your goals and partnering with the right video professional will make it less stressful. A well crafted video will help you connect with your audience, create credibility, help you appear in Google searches, and gives you content that can be repurposed in a variety of ways.

Client Video Examples