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Small business ownership is nothing if not busy! Each day there are endless details that you're held accountable for managing.

We know it can feel overwhelming to keep all of those plates spinning simultaneously. If there's one area our clients often end up dropping it has to be updating their websites.

It's understandable that websites often fall to the back-burner, but we have to insist that they shouldn't! In this age of online shopping, research, and reviews, letting your brand's site descend into neglect isn't doing you any favors.

People live online now. In fact, most of your clients may never even set foot in your office, but we're almost positive that they'll view your website or social media feeds.

Which leads us to ask:

  • Does your site put your best face forward?

  • Is the overall design appealing and easy to navigate?

  • Have you clearly articulated your company's story?

  • Can your contact info be found quickly?

  • Are the photos of your team current and flattering?

  • Do you showcase your best project photos?

If you answered no or not so sure to any of the questions above, it's probably time for you to give your website an update.

Never underestimate the power of a timely web refresh; it can breathe new life into your brand! From improved design to refined content, tasteful head shots to modern layout concepts; each of these tools will expand your business's reach and appeal. 

Your website and social media profiles are your company's virtual storefront. At Front Step Marketing our goal is to get your potential customers to walk through the door. How do we do that? It's simple, we make you look good!